At Boxwood, we are committed to our values, our customers, and always improving.


Always On Time, Every Time

We pride ourselves with our unique ordering system that allows us to be on time, every time (within a 3 day delivery window). Our clients love the easy ordering process and the assurance of always knowing when their cabinets are delivered. We work well with builder software, centralized scheduling, or simply checking in on a weekly basis to ensure an on-time delivery. As an added benefit, we drive by all of your job sites once a week to help track the stage of the job. We understand that one of the builder’s top priorities is being on time and keeping to a schedule.

Professional Selection and Pricing

Once we partner with a client, we draw and price all floor plans so our clients have a consistent drawing of cabinet layouts and pricing to match. Building a house on schedule is great; building on time and within budget is even better. We are here to help you do just that.

Fast, Reliable Service

We understand that problems happen in the construction world—we believe how you respond is what matters. We pride ourselves on quickly addressing and fixing problems. We promise to have a service datescheduled within 48 hours of a problem being submitted. We understand the pressures of closing a home on time and we want to be there to help—not to be in the way.