The Boxwood Process is designed to streamline your cabinet order and provide quick, worry-free results.


Step 1

Send us plans

When you pull plans or are starting a house, send plans to along with any details of which we should be made aware.

Step 2

Cabinets are Drawn to Scale

We will scale the plans and draw them to a previous standard that you have set (i.e. Door style, drawer guides, etc). This might be your most popular style or what is included in the house; you can then either show your client or have a base price for the house before upgrades. We will have these drawings back to you in 5 business days or less.

Step 3

Review & revisions

After you receiving the drawings, you have time to review. We want to have all changes and approval of the drawings by the start of the mechanical stage.

Step 4

Measure/Field Verification

We field verify all cabinets, they are not just built from scaling off the plan. We understand that the building process must remain flexible, so we still measure all houses.  If anything drastically changes after measuring we will resend drawings, but we have found that this doesn’t happen often.

Step 5


When you a 3–4 weeks out, the specific scheduling process starts. You will start receiving email on projected delivery dates. This doesn’t have to be exact, but giving us about a 3 day window is perfect.

Step 6


Once the cabinets are finished, we will email notifying you that they are finished and will help set up a date for delivery.